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BUNAI CARUS was part of those so few IDM french bands released in the 2k13 TOUCHED MUSIC Compilation. I decided to get in touch, to thanks them first and then... WHAT'S ON and what a story together since summer 2k15.
Now, they live in Brussels and are part of the MINDWAVES MUSIC family. More to come...



Young and very promising duo from South of France, the Bunai Carus packed their bags full of cables & machines to Brussels last year.

Their music is mostly based on field recordings, samples and lots of self generated sounds, blended all together with a strong attachment to their visual ideas.
The result is a mixture of their own sense of contemporary electronic music and the reflection of past impressions - heavily influenced and inspired by the early millennium electronica artists like Autechre, Boards of Canada, Alva Noto,..


STORM CELLAR is the first video taken out of BUNAI CARUS' new EP "Neend", coming out via Mindwaves Music on July 1st, 2016. The Video is directed by Nicolas Millot.


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