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Matthew Arnold aka Mr. Projectile has been an influential member of the electronic music community since 1992. He has been DJing, playing live shows, organizing club nights, and one off shows throughout the US for over 20 years now.


His ever-changing styles of production have always managed to lean towards the left of what is current in the electronic music world while focusing on the psychedelic and emotional edges of what music can be. His current live show/DJing is a mix of all types of feelings, genres, and tempos glued together with the idea that a show should make you feel something as well as dance.


#event Live performance

Mr. Projectile has played shows from Dresden, Germany to Missoula, Montana alongside artists such as Plaid, Derrick Carter, EU, Bassnectar, Tipper, Thomas Fehlman, L’usine, Jonah Sharp, Deru, and many others. Since it’s inception in 2004, he was a large part of organizing the now infamous production company/Burning Man camp “Nexus” out of the SF Bay area, focusing on helping to create unique environments designed to deepen the shared experience of dancing to music with one another.


#release UK's cult label Toytronic Records, Additech, N5MD...

He released his first record on the UK's cult label Toytronic Records, which 15 years later has become a classic, known to sell for over $100.00 on ebay. He has gone on to release music on Studio K7, Parotic Records, Merck Records, Om, N5MD, No Records, Addictech, Benbecula, and on his own label Semisexual. He has toured the US and Europe several times over the years most notably being the opening act on Bassnectar’s “Vava Voom Tour”. He was also nominated for best electronic musician by the Minnesota Music Awards in 2001.

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