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Press Review - Yellow Machines - BLE-EP - YM018 by Meaux Andromeda


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Press Release
Review by Meaux Andromeda, April 22 (2021)
Label: YELLOW MACHINES // YM018 // BLE-EP ( Vinyl + Digital )
Release: BLE-EP // Date: May 3, 2021

Compilation Tracklist :
Sound Science aka Jack Smooth - Energy
Mike Ash - Galaxy Jp
Jerome Hill - We Are Not Alone
Scanone - Visual 8128 https://youtu.be/OeMKPKk40v0
Meat Beat Manifesto - Bo Bots
Hooverian Blur - What I Am

The whole EP is a beautiful blend of the minimal with electro old school breaks, experimental sounds, and deep dark bass heavy beats. ‘Energy’ takes you straight to the 90’s with its dancefloor groove while ‘We Are Not Alone’ by Jerome Hill dark bassline made me feel like I was in a packed warehouse slapping the sweaty walls as the simple breakbeat rides under the layers of electronic symphonies. This is a great composition while it caters to every genre on the spectrum. 6 for 6 in my book and a must-have in my collection.

Listen Soundcloud snippets - Vinyl will be available on the Yellow Machines bandcamp and in all good stores distributed by UTR, Redeye, Juno, Clone, Decks, Deejay, Bleep, Cold Cuts to name a few. Digital versions will be available on the Yellow Machines bandcamp only. YELLOW MACHINES Full discography

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