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Focus: Roel Funcken - Dragomane Misinize 1st year birthday

Wednesday, 15 September 2021 - Wednesday, 15 December 2021

Hi world,
Some knows already about Roel Funcken music, I am thrilled to share some great news about Roel Funcken paintings
Get to know moicflo.com/people/roel-funcken

Today it’s 1st year birthday of DRAGOMANE MISINIZE.
I am delighted to have contributed and designed the artwork for Roel Funcken who painted and supplied the music for this brilliant release.

Watch & listen  behance.net/gallery/105312945/Roel-Funcken-BG001  
Enjoy & read  headphonecommute.com/2020/09/04/roel-funcken-a-dyad-in-the-force/

This painting is now sold. The vinyl release is available to purchase via roelfuncken.bandcamp.com/album/dragomane-misinize
We have 2 copies left available in the US via ECU ecunderground.com/store/ecu-bg-001
& also 1 exclusive signed copy ecunderground.com/store/ecu-bg-001A

You can support the release via my personal Bandcamp on pay as you want moicflo.bandcamp.com/merch/roel-funcken-dragomane-misinize-limited-edition

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