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Live Performance

Ariadne's Labyrinth is a freelancer available for hire for session work, recording, composing and arranging.

She also host a monthly show for Threads Radio, focusing on underground, leftfield and experimental electronica.


She released her first EP, Lost And Founded, on the Detroit Underground imprint in January 2017.
Her debut album, Twists And Turns, is due out on Touched on October 2018.
An amazing debut album from Ariadne's Labyrinth. With each piece being a journey in itself, the listener is completely drawn in to her sound world, which makes for extremely emotive music that is deeply engaging. 
If Lost And Founded was an introduction to her work, in Twists And Turns she begins to explore in greater depth the range of her ideas and influences. Weaving together infectious melodies, rich harmonic textures, complex beats and intricate synth work, her versatility as an electronic artist and composer is fully on display.
'Twists & Turns' by Ariadne's Labyrinth was simply one of the best releases that Touched have ever had the pleasure of being involved with and putting out there. Now we can pleasure ourselves (and yourselves) once again as a bevy of talented artists pounce on the opportunity to remix and rework the fantastic pieces contained therein.
Ariadne's Labyrinth is a classically trained violinist and pianist. After some years spent squatting and being around sound systems and the free party scene, she became deeply immersed in jazz and improvised music, as well as music from Cuba and Brazil.
She began to pursue her love for electronica a few years ago, drawn to the beat structures, textures and sounds that could not be created through instrumental performance alone. She is inspired by an array of classic electronica artists spanning the realms of IDM, techno and ambient styles, as well as music by Phillip Glass. Her music is at once quirky, deep & absorbing, and is characterized by playful rhythms and beautiful, polyphonic melodies.