Connecting People, Lifestyle & Arts


As an independent Communication & Marketing consultant, my main goal is to guide my partners in creating a strong online presence by designing an efficient day-by-day digital plan and managing the right resources for it.
I started with doing volunteer work for communities, helping to influence the people around them to lead a healthy lifestyle and by creating opportunities for them.
Music development is my objective, including event design, media planning, booking, tour management and catering.

Creative Marketing & Partnerships

Enthusiastic marketer
& Project Manager
For over twenty years now, I have been creating, developing and managing projects and teams for independent people to companies, using creative marketing tools and material that will maintain or enhance their public image.
I often find myself in the front line as a founder, creator and designer of life success moments. My mission is to improve the lives of people as they interact with the world around them.
Exhibits strategic knowledge and judgement. Enjoys working in fast-paced environments and has problem solving skills.

moiCflo - Créatrice d'opportunités... I create things. Musical things... Digital things.

Talent coordinator
& Digital booster
Being an artist promoter can lead to a few different career paths. For instance, I can serve as a concert and event promoter, street-team promoter, new talent manager and/or booking agent.
I meet many different kinds of artists and partners, from well-established musicians to up-and-coming and independent artists. I take the time to learn about them and to see which ones I have a good connection with and which ones whose art I appreciate and most believe in.
I am an active international traveller with interests in art and music. I volunteer as a team member and individually organize fundraising activities in art, music and culture.