Founded by Przemysław Musiała from Poland in March 2015, IDM News is first a music page dedicated to provide news and sounds from our favourite type of music - IDM and similar styles - like Electro, Electronica, Experimental, Glitch... and not only.
From 2018 to 2020, Florence Meuleman and Przemysław Musiała joined their forces as a team and create IDM News platform to work ahead with musicians and record labels from all over the world to showcase a variety of the freshest electronic music artists.
IDM NEWS promote pluri-artistic projects with:
  • Communication Social media,
  • Build Engaged Artists, labels and blog communities,
  • Advices, help and support,
  • Digital and Vinyl releases and Live event promotion.
All music is owned by the artist/record company and is supplied for promotional purposes only.

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