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Mei (the Japanese feminine name, pronounced “May”) aka Caroline Masson is a french multidisciplinary artist based in Dijon, France.
The social media avatar of Mei is “close-to-mei”.

Mei's music, as a tribute to the force of nature, stamps her creative energy on violence and models the relief of a world as tragic and sweet as life.

Independent, Electronic, Pop


Mei's style is unusually detailed in description, reflecting her propensity for experimentation. As someone who enjoys pushing the boundaries, she is always where you least expect her to be. Throughout the early 2000s, Mei has set the standard for experimenting with abstract electronica and dark ambient music. She has ready several singles, EPs, and full-length albums. Her launch is set to go.

ECU011 - LES ÉTATS DE LA MATIÈRE, 8 tracks album, DEC 1, 2023
8 track album with videos, belonging to a live show, produced in 2021

LES ÉTATS DE LA MATIERE is part of the "Exquisite corpse" art movement, which encompasses a broad range of abstract visual art that coalesces into an emotionally open and involved electronic and dance music scene.

An 8-track record featuring videos from a live event that takes the shape of a creative project. Some tracks are in collaboration with French producer S.H.I.Z.U.K.A. The project started following a remix of the track FINGERS LINK A SOUL by S.H.I.Z.U.K.A. and a clip by Mei and Stekri. For the visual identity and videos, Mei is collaborating with Cyril Zannettacci of VU agency in Paris, as well as Latifa Messaoudi for her photobook.
SCH-243 - Label Schematic Records Company - SIGIL THERAPY-RESTITUTO, 8 tracks album, May 5, 2023
Sigil Therapy - Restituto portrays Mei’s emotional side; this album was composed entirely in 2 weeks following a tragic sentimental experience. Her music oscillates between experimental noise, jazz, and trip hop. To discover on the legendary Schematic Records Company in Miami, Florida, US.


  2. MEI - THE WITCH / https://youtu.be/IEjeizbjHAg
  3. MEI - LOOSE 
  4. MEI - QUE PASA 
  7. MEI - LOSE MY 
DU-TAOD6 - Label DU-VHS - Audiovisual 4 tracks EP - released July 22, 2022
Autopsy available @detund.bandcamp & on every DSP
Check junodownload.com/products/mei-autopsy
DU-VHS is an uninterrupted stream of music videos and artist live-sets from the continually cutting-edge Detroit Underground. 
And access the app from a browser, desktop software, any OS, smart TVs, Android and iOS: detroitunderground.net/download-du-vhs
ACT433 - Label ANT-ZEN - 7" lathe cut series + digital EP - released Jun 17, 2022
AKA: Ant-Zen Audio & Visual Arts.
Genre/Influences: Power Noise, Dark Ambient, Industrial, IDM, Post-Industrial.
CRYPTIDE - kʁip.tid, 7 tracks album, TBA

Following a residency in 2023, this project is evolving into a multidisciplinary endeavor.

A cryptid is an animal or plant that some people assume to exist that is not supported by scientific evidence.
K’IEN, 4 tracks EP, produced in 2021, TBA
A rather esoteric E.P which is mainly sung in Spanish. It represents a duo of characters, Pens (pencils) who wander between the sun and the Moon (the tarot).
The track “EL SOL ME DA” is in collaboration with the french guitarist and singer Daniel Fernandez.
JARDIN DES DÉLICES (DUO), 11 tracks album W.I.P
An album with a lot of "what the fuck" moments!
Occasionally, neo soul, industrial, ambient, and EDM.
A type of toolkit that takes use of many aspects of music, life, and the state of mind. This is a Bisontin EUE duet album that was released less than a year ago.

First single “Gravity'' was released on the English label Forest Biz's Nocturna 2 collection on January 29, 2021, along with a DIY video.

Introducing CAUSTIQUE, a bold exploration into the depths of dark techno. This powerful piece is a soulful cry that transcends words, communicating an unfiltered intensity. Each note resonates like an echo, reflecting profound and often tumultuous emotions. It is a journey through the complexity of relationships, the urgency of instinct, a tribute to indomitable warriors, a confrontation with the inherent brutality of human nature, an appreciation of imperfection, and the fire of revolution. Pushing the boundaries of techno, CAUSTIQUE marks an evolution in art. It is a daring step towards unrestrained expression and an immersion into uncompromised intensity. Brace yourself for this sonic odyssey.

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