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MacroNoise (CZ-SK)

Tomáš Šebesta, aka MacroNoise is a Slovakia-born musician based in Prague, Czechia.

Labels : Abstrakt Reflections, Crime League, Khavi Collective & Post-label (Kreaton).

Live & DJ Set Performance


MacroNoise music combines ethereal, melancholic electronica with a dark and trippy edge. Electronics are often accompanied by live bass and guitar, giving his music a more organic feel. With influences from 80’s new wave electro, through 90’s melancholy, and straight to today’s bass music, MacroNoise brings the past, present and future together.
We are thrilled to promote MacroNoise Domovina Single and remixes release, next to some exclusives shows with Awali, Illl, Gwerkova in Brno, Praha in Czechia and Bratislava, Levice and Banská Bystrica in Slovakia.

en français
Tomáš Šebesta est un musicien d'origine slovaque basé à Prague, en République Tchèque. Sa musique combine une electronica éthérée et mélancolique avec une touche sombre faisant référence à l’électro new wave des années 80.
Une electronica souvent accompagnée de basse et de guitare live, donnant à sa musique une sensation plus organique. Repéré sur le label Abstrakt Reflections, lors de la sortie de son opus Point of No Return, MacroNoise a ajouté quelques albums à sa collection depuis, rejoignant ainsi le catalogue US de Crime League, ou encore les finlandais, Khavi Collective pour finir à la maison avec Post-label (Kreaton).


what's on

Domovina, a Self-release Project
Domovina is a Slovak word for Homeland. The track itself is about homesickness… what about longing for home! MacroNoise feel and/or did experience by time this feeling in Prague, as the city looks big, rushed and almost noisy compared to where he came from, which is a very small town, called Handlová, in central Slovakia.

Shooting done in the beginning of October in small town called Handlová, SVK by Patrícia Gyenesová /Gyenesova videography, art director.

Illl, aka Dunajska Streda is the Head of Soun Records, also member of Gwerkova.

Awali, aka Tamara Shmidt (CZ/UA) brings a mixture of soft vocals, piano sound with experimental electronic and modern classical.


LIVE 2018
Les Charades Électroniques platform that streamlines the news, promoting artists and organise concerts. MacroNoise was part of LCE 3 years birthday concert in Lille, France.

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last releases
Crime League from Toronto, Ontario
2018, Jan - CRIME047
post-label Prague, Czech Republic 
2018, jun
Abstrakt Reflections, Argentina 
2017 july
Kahvi Collective, Finland
2017, NOv 2

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