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Content-writer & Copy-editor ft. moiCflo
Michelle Jackson, sometimes known as "Anne Jackson," is a seasoned music industry writer who creates compelling biographies and persuasive music reviews to promote musicians. Anne started reviewing music as a hobby on her Facebook page because she is a huge fan of electronic music. She got her start in the music industry doing voice overs for a jazz segment on WRFG 89.3 FM in Atlanta, Georgia.

Her finest achievement thus far has been collaborating with Mike Griffin, the co-owner of a record label and an artist. In addition, collaborating with Florence Meuleman-Griffin, an artist promoter and manager.

You'll discover that she's been a fan of experimental, esoteric, electronic music, as well as punk rock, industrial, and new wave, since she was a teenager, thanks to college radio, where she grew up in the outskirts of Buffalo, New York listening to WCVF 88.9 FM out of Fredonia New York. Her roots in funk/electro music are the level of sounds she most enjoys over all other genres.


Michelle "Anne" Jackson is available for hiring for a music magazine, musicians that require assistance writing biographies and/or music reviews. She also works for undergraduate students around the United States as a college tutor and academic writer.

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